5 Cool Dapps You Should Download Now

What will a world running only on blockchain Dapps look like? It seems as though many are underestimating the power and beauty blockchain Dapp can have on our society. Already, there are so many great Dapps that can make you some decent money or help you find new friends in your city. These Dapps are the ones you want if you want to improve your day and life. Sometimes, it just takes one Dapp to help you open up to blockchain technology. I tested all of these new cool Dapps and loved how they worked (and helped me make some money and get organized too). Will you try them out, too?


The only password management app that stores your data on EOS blockchain. All you need to do is use BlockPass. By using your own private key, your data are safe and never lost.


  • Work in offline mode.
  • Auto-sync to Blockchain.
  • Add/remove your password by one touch.
  • Can interact with multi-chain (Jungle TestNet, Kylin TestNet)


The Everipedia team plans to build a modern, convenient and decentralized new encyclopedia website, and this goal will be realized with the development of blockchain technology. The new version of Everipedia under development will be based on the EOS network, which will have features such as community autonomy, shielding preventation, and contribution incentives compared to the current version of Everipedia. Founded in 2014, the business network encyclopedia Everipedia, whose name derives from the English words 'Everything' and 'Encyclopedia', is owned by Everipedia.Inc and has not yet adopted blockchain technology. As of December 2017, Everipedia is the largest English encyclopedia with more than six million entries, including all English entries of Wikipedia. Everipedia's requirements for attention are more relaxed, so it has more entries than Wikipedia.


pixEOS Project is designed to be a sustainable smart-economy and there are many ways to earn pixEOS and EOS tokens, be it having fun drawing on pixEOS Paint, playing other games, contributing to the platform and supporting the EOS artists through the pixEOS Gallery and pixEOS Art House, where artists can publish their art and get commission requests for Visual Arts and Creative Media services.

Note Riot

NoteRiot is your private, secure, note keeping tool. Notes are encrypted and accessible across all of your devices and platforms.


DTube is a website that stores movies based on STEEM and IPFS. Its task is to provide a similar experience to Youtube at the same being the safe and resistant to censorship alternative.